Business Principles

Alignment with Investors

The Founding Partners and their families have a shared stake in Anavon's strategy as they represent one of the largest single investor groups for the firm. They assert a strong personal commitment to the business. Open communication and transparency on positions and investment reasoning are important pillars to Anavon's strategy.

Client Service

Anavon Capital has a dedicated Client Servicing team available to handle queries or provide information at any time to ensure a highly responsive service. Please contact us.


We pride ourselves in offering a high level of transparency to our clients on all aspects of the investment strategy and performance. The Portfolio Managers write comprehensive monthly, quarterly and annual commentaries which include considerable detail on the theses behind individual stock positions as well as detailed analysis and attribution of the key performance drivers. We can also offer bespoke investment reports to satisfy a client’s reporting requirements and we will openly discuss our investment research at client meetings or on client calls and share the team's research documents.