Fund Information

Anavon Master Fund

The Master Fund was launched in January 2011 and invests in liquid global long / short equities, is biased towards developed markets and looks for opportunities in single stock idiosyncrasies.

The Fund aims to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns, protecting capital during downturns and capturing equity market upside with a conservative risk profile.


Anavon International Equity Fund

The International Equity Fund was launched in May 2018 and follows the same investment philosophy and fundamental, bottom-up stock selection process as the Master Fund, but has a more concentrated portfolio construction. The investment objective is to generate superior absolute and risk-adjusted returns versus the index over the long term.

The Fund is open to comingled fund investments as well as segregated managed accounts.


Segregated Managed Accounts

Anavon offers Managed Accounts to investors requiring improved transparency to better their understanding of the investments made by hedge fund managers on their behalf, and to better assess their liquidity.

The structure of the portfolio and the investment philosophy is conceptually the same as the Master fund with flexibility to accommodate client specific restricted securities, leverage and market exposure levels.